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Why The Creator Box

If I’ll ask you to browse through hundreds of websites, keep tracks of thousands of data points to check the latest “call for proposals” and I’ll also ask you to keep a check of the application guidelines and timelines, then will you spend your energy in finding out the information or applying for it?

I know its a time-taking and painstaking process

But what if you’ll get everything that you need to apply for your preferred Grant, subsidy or even paid projects? Don’t you think that you’ll be able to do justice in applying for all the necessary funding projects and that you’ll allocate all your energy and resources in utilising the same?

This is what I intend to do, I believe that your job as a film or music industry professional is to put your resources to their optimum utilisation, while we do the entire painstaking job for you.

So, The Creator Box will give you the access to all the relevant Grants, Subsidies and paid projects call for proposals on fortnightly basis and allow you to take complete advantage of this very resource.

Hi! I’m Himannshu Sharma, an enabler, who enables you to access the quality and to the point content on topics of extreme importance to the film & music industry space, you may browse through my work or can connect with me for various interactive podcasts, articles, funding opportunities for your upcoming projects or to ask me anything.

This newsletter is your space, where you get access to everything that you need to gain the knowledge on Grants, Subsidies, Paid Project call for proposals, its application process, guidelines & timelines and it enables you to write the fund winning application & gain the most effective project proposal/s for yourselves.

Basically, I’m your charioteer who will show you the path, will provide you the resources to walk the path and will enable you to gain success on this path.

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